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BARTOSZ Glowacki


Love to tango and works by Astor Piazzolla, Gustavo Beytelmann and Osvaldo Pugliese led Bartosz to pick up bandoneon playing in 2016. He joined The London Tango Orchestra and together they performed multiple concerts and milongas around UK. Recently he played at Purcell Room in tango show with London Tango Quartet, singer Guillermo Rozenthuler and dancers Sandra & Santiago Monticelli.

Bartosz plays bandoneon in many groups including Deco Ensemble and Almagro Ensemble. He recorded new album of Yuval Havkin and The Lion King at Paris Disneyland. 

Bartosz's bandoneon playing will be featured in upcoming album of The London Tango Orchestra which is going to be released in 2020.


Bartosz plays Alfred Arnold Bandonion by The Bandonion & Concertina Factory Klingenthal on system he designed himself. 

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